Planning For Emerging Centers Program Overview

The Planning for Emerging Centers Program, managed by NJTPA, provides technical assistance in support of efforts by municipalities to create more sustainable, transit-supportive and walkable communities as well as comprehensive approaches to strategic planning at the local level. Through this program, the NJTPA provides consultant and staff support to municipalities to conduct various planning studies including integrating transportation into land use plans, transit area plans, multimodal (e.g. vehicular, bus, bike, pedestrian) circulation elements of master plans, climate change and sustainability plans and others. A solicitation for funding proposals under the program is conducted periodically.

The program seeks to advance the goals found in the NJTPA Regional Transportation Plan (Plan 2040) and implement the strategies and actions developed through Together North Jersey, a consortium of public, private and non-profit groups developing a Regional Plan for Sustainable Development. The NJTPA has been a leading partner in the Together North Jersey planning effort.